Our approach to clean manufacturing without causing permanent damage to the earth’s resources.


At Royal Spirit, we take an active role in the sustainable development of our operations, from material sourcing to the production of our garments. Our specialized teams monitor compliance with local labour and environmental regulations as well as international standards and practices.

We believe in taking matters into our own hands by taking action to reduce consumption and creating renewable energies on our own premises. We invest in machinery that promises the lightest footprints on the environment. Our newest production plant in Vietnam features solar panels and rain water harvesting facilities that enable us to further reduce impact.

Our people are one of our business’ most important assets. Therefore, we provide our factory staff with safe and healthy work environments that are well-ventilated and fully air-conditioned.

We are proud to share our ethos of sustainability with many of the world’s leading fashion brands, with whom we have built lasting business relations.

Group Strategy

Royal Spirit’s sustainability strategy is built on the four pillars of reducing environmental impact, investing in our people, creating excellent product, and contributing to communities through fair trade.


Sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make. It is more than an effort to exceed stakeholder expectations. It is our approach to business. Therefore, we work closely with our customers, suppliers, governments, and industry partners to manage compliance and performance.