Carlisle Etcetera

Based in New York City, Carlisle Etcetera holds two luxury womenswear brands under its realm. Specializing in direct sales, the brands have over 1,000 sales consultants across the USA.

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CARLISLE invites you to be a part of our community, one where we empower women to become their own entrepreneurs and create a life that they want. A dynamic network of confident, timeless women to inspire your wardrobe – imagine the possibilities you can create with Carlisle.

Why work with our stylists?
Ambitious, entrepreneurial, creative are what define our stylists. Their styling expertise and passion help create meaningful and unique shopping experiences that are more than just about clothes. Our stylists will bring you to another level: they will get you complimented on your outfit every day.

Effortless, casual, and approachable, we offer insight and attention to create a one-of-a-kind personalized experience to create your spirited style — the difference between buying an outfit and building a wardrobe.

Why Etcetera?
Nothing says customer service quite like our team of trained Stylists who understand your personal flair and contemporary taste to provide a one-on-one tangible experience with solutions that fit your needs. Designed in NYC with quality fabrics from Europe, our diverse collections keep up with the runway trends but still adhere to our own, unique style to give you an authentic wardrobe.