Royal Spirit LTD

Royal Spirit Limited is one of the largest premium apparel suppliers for international designer fashion in Asia. Serving luxury fashion brands and lifestyle retailers, our portfolio contains over 40 recognized international labels.

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Demco Vina

Our head office is strategically located in the dynamic city of Hong Kong, where we are in the middle of Asia and only a stone’s throw away from the rest of the world.


Our team of in-house fashion designers and graphic artists will elevate your experience with Royal Spirit. From research and prototype development to collection planning and fitting reviews, our design team is here to provide you with a one-stop solution.


Our approach to merchandising is designed to be highly-personalized to ensure you are receiving value-added services. Our merchandisers will custom solutions to your unique requirements and work with you throughout the production journey.


Visit our fashion and fabric showrooms in Hong Kong by booking an appointment with us.

Explore the going on at DBW
Specialists in the design, production and export of apparel and accessories
Deutsche Bekleidungswerke Limited

DBW’s production lines see the incorporation of world-class cutting-edge machinery such as the Framis Italia No So® thread-free sewing machines in tandem with Lean Single Flow short lines. The premises are also fitted with premium equipment from Stoll, Bullmer, and Düerkopp Adler.

Fitted with 66 Stoll machines and 106 Complett linking machines
Sustainable Energy Measures
  • LED lighting and renewables are fitted throughout DBW
  • 30% of energy use is supplied by renewables
  • 50% lighting energy reduction is achieved from using LED
  • 44% of overall energy savings due to a mix of building envelope improvement
76% of non-polluting building materials are used in the construction of the factory
Rain Water Harvesting
  • 40% of water reduction for fixtures
  • 12% recycled water for fixtures
  • 100% recycled water for landscaping
  • 60% of water reduction for process laundry use
Demco Vina

Demco Vina is a pre-eminent denim and casualwear producer and washer in Asia. With a headcount of over 1,000 people, Demco Vina’s production facilities in Vietnam have an annual production capacity of over 6 million pieces and an annual washing capacity of over 8.4 million pieces.

Annual production capacity of over 6 million pieces

Demco Vina is furnished with of some of the industries most advanced technologies, including Jeanologia’s ultramodern laser-cutting machine and eco washing machine that only calls for 1 cup of water per use.

Annual washing capacity of over 8.4 million pieces
Modern Machinery:
  • Jeanologia E-flowWater, power and chemical saving Stone-free stone wash effect
  • Jeanologia G2 Ozone WasherWaterless washer Chemical-eliminating bleacher
  • Black Dragon 6 Tables 2 HeadsWorld’s fastest laser cutter Natural finishing effects